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Shelf Stable Beveragebob

Shelf-Stable Beverage Offering Leahy/IFP's offering provides customers with a wide range of flavors, packages and serving solutions that meet the industry's most complex needs. State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities provide customers with a complete portfolio of products. Choose from 0%-100% juices and beverages or complement your offering with turnkey dispensed beverage programs.

  • Aseptic Ready-to-Serve Juices, Concentrates and Beverages
  • Aseptic Premium Drink Mixes and Smoothies
  • Aseptic Thickened Juices and Beverages
  • Complete Dispensed Beverage Offering
    • Bag N' Box Juices and Beverages
    • Shelf-Stable Liquid Coffee
    • Shelf-Stable Granita Mixes/Beverage Syrups
    • Turn-Key Equipment and Service Program

Shelf Stable Fruitbob

Shelf-Stable Fruit Products Leahy/IFP has long been recognized for quality based fruit products. We developed the industry's first juice packed fruit and still carry the most recognized brand in fruit products – Carbotrol. Leahy has expanded its fruit offering to provide an easy, one-stop-shop approach for all of our customer's fruit needs. From mass feeding to dynamic culinary applications, the choices are endless.

  • Carbotrol Branded Shelf-Stable Fruit Offerings
    • Juice Packed Fruit (28 Flavors and Cuts)
    • Light Syrup Packed Fruit
    • Juice Packed Individual Serving Fruit
    • FruitBlendz Shelf-Stable Fruit Purees

Desert & Beveragebob

Dessert & Beverage Mixes Explore your options with Leahy's line of premium quality Beverage & Dessert Mixes. From health-conscious gelatins and quick-set puddings to the exciting flavors and menu potential our beverage mixes – customers can experience profitable results and enhanced customer satisfaction with our growing line of Beverage & Dessert Mixes. » Whipped Toppings » Gelatins (Assorted Varieties) » Puddings (Assorted Varieties)

  • Beverage Mixes

Breakfast Syrupsbob

Sugar-Free & Regular Breakfast Syrups From the trees to the tabletop, Leahy delivers the finest in choices in breakfast syrups. Whether you require a sugar-free, low calorie option or a rich-in-flavor, regular maple syrup, Leahy can cater to your needs.
  • Single Serve Options
  • Table-Top Applications
  • Bulk Packaging Options