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Space Saver Press Release

Leahy-IFP Introduces Space Saver  Aseptic, Ready-to-Drink Beverage Line.

Orchard Splash Aseptic 3x1 Gal Press Release

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Space Saver Press Release

Leahy-IFP Introduces Space Saver  Aseptic, Ready-to-Drink Beverage Line.

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Leahy-IFP Introduces Space Saver TM Aseptic, Ready-to-Drink Beverage Line

Glenview, IL (May 1, 2013) - LEAHY-IFP’s Innovation Division announces the introduction of Space Saver™ ready-to-drink, 100% juices, teas and lemonades packed in a shelf-stable, easy to serve and store, 5-liter bag in box. Available in 100% Premium Orange and Apple Juice; 27% Cranberry Cocktail Juice, Lemonade, Iced Tea with Lemon, and Peach Iced Tea, each product is all natural, preservative-free and offers 200% RDA of Vitamin C.

 Space Saver’s™ unique aseptic, bag in box package is designed to fit perfectly in any refrigerator while taking up minimal space. Space Saver™ also features an easy-to-use, “no drip” spout delivery system similar to those found in boxed wine packaging. Its custom designed inner bag, reinforced outer box and low-profile fridge footprint make Space Saver™ an ideal solution for both consumers and food industry professionals who want superior quality and great tasting beverages in a space efficient, easy-to-serve and store format.

 “Based on increased consumer acceptance of the bag in box format and the increased demand for non-carbonated beverages to fit into tighter shelf spaces, we set out to design a large volume package that was similar to the already popular “fridge pack” for canned soda and beer. What we ended up with is a great portable format that is environmentally-friendly and simple enough for a child use,” stated Joe Arends, Leahy-IFP’s Marketing Manager.

 “Space Saver’s™ aseptic, or ‘gently pasteurized’, processing does not require added preservatives and we only use all natural flavors. Conversely, most of today’s club store PET, canned and multi-packed jug juice and beverage offerings need added preservatives to ensure shelf stability and most are not made with all natural favors,” says John Ferraro, Leahy-IFP’s Director of Innovation.

 “Our product development and food scientist team has been working tirelessly for an extended period of time focusing on perfecting the line’s clean formulas. The results are amazing — hands-down, Space Saver™ beats the flavor profiles of shelf-stable juice, tea and lemonade offerings currently on the market. By using a proven, ‘gently pasteurized’ aseptic processing method, the consumer will experience a product with a brighter, more natural color and fresher mouth feel and taste. We challenge consumers to compare Space Saver™ to any refrigerated premium brand in the market today; they will undoubtedly taste an improvement in our line,” added Mr. Ferraro.

 Leahy-IFP designed the Space Saver™ packaging to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. “Our promise to customers is that we will only offer products that are both eco-friendly and sustainable. Compared to bulky 64 oz. plastic bottles, Space Saver™ utilizes 50% less energy during production, generates 22% less post-consumer solid waste and 7% less process greenhouse gas. At the end of the day, when consumers are tossing an empty Space Saver™ box into the recycling bin, we want them to feel good about their overall purchasing decision — great taste, superior value, ultra-convenient and low carbon footprint!” added Joe Arends.

 “We are very excited about the introduction of our Space Saver™ beverage line. The product uniquely satisfies the industry’s need for a superior quality, shelf-stable beverage that offers the convenience of easy-to-serve and store package format that is eco-friendly. Space Saver™ provides Leahy-IFP with the platform needed to deliver value to the food service channel and enhance our position in the retail and club store space by listening to the customer and answering their demands,” says President and CEO Michael Leahy.

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