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Space Saver Press Release

Leahy-IFP Introduces Space Saver  Aseptic, Ready-to-Drink Beverage Line.

Orchard Splash Aseptic 3x1 Gal Press Release

Leahy-IFP announces Orchard Splash aseptic cartridge juice solution.

Orchard Splash Aseptic 3x1 Gal Press Release

Leahy-IFP announces Orchard Splash aseptic cartridge juice solution.

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Leahy-IFP Introduces Preservative-free, Shelf-Stable, Concentrated Cartridge Juice Solution

Glenview, IL (February 15, 2013) - LEAHY-IFP’s Innovation Division announces the introduction of a new and improved Orchard Splash™ aseptic bag in the box shelf-stable cartridge solution.

The new 3/128 oz. shelf-stable cartridge system is designed for counter-top, refrigerated, juice base concentrate dispenser systems found in most foodservice operations, including: restaurants and casual dining, hospitality, healthcare, travel and leisure and education venues.

This new solution delivers a preservative-free, premium juice without a bitter or overcooked aftertaste. By using a proven, gently pasteurized aseptic processing method, we can now provide a product line that has a brighter, more natural color, as well as an improved feel and taste.

The Leahy-IFP R&D team’s goal was to create a product line, specifically for orange juice, that would deliver the flavor profile of a refrigerated, 'not from concentrate”, premium juice in a concentrated, shelf-stable format without preservatives.

“Today, most of the foodservice industry only offers shelf-stable, concentrated cartridge juices that contain preservatives. Our challenge was to create a “gold standard” that matches the flavor profile and quality of retail refrigerated juices. By collaborating with our suppliers, we successfully developed a product line with new flavors that meet that standard. When you see and taste our new product line you will note the vast improvement” stated Ryan Coombes, Director of Research and Development and Quality Assurance.

The Orchard Splash™ shelf-stable, preservative-free cartridge solution also offers operators the added convenience and flexibility by eliminating the need to thaw products ahead of time, as required with traditional frozen cartridge concentrates.  Not only does this reduce wasted time, refrigerator space and added labor costs, it also reduces the health risks that can occur during the thawing process.

Leahy-IFP will start by introducing several varieties including: 100% Orange Juice, 100% Apple Juice, Cranberry Cocktail, Lemonade, Fruit Punch and Grape Juices.

Packed 3/128 oz. with a 5+1 mix ratio, the Orchard Splash™ preservation-free cartridges yields 18 gallons of finished product per case.

“This offering is a true differentiator for the company and within the industry.  With the rise of food safety concerns and the need for quality alternatives to costly frozen products, Leahy-IFP now has the ability to deliver premium shelf-stable products within a cost effective model.  Most importantly, this technology provides a solution to service the growing demands of the foodservice marketplace” said Michael P Leahy, President and CEO of Leahy-IFP.

Leahy-IFP has over 50 years of dedicated experience within the foodservice industry worldwide as an innovative leader in manufacturing: Carbotrol® juice packed fruit, Fruitblendz™ fruit purees, and a variety of aseptic juice and dispensed juice based products, under their award winning Orchard Splash™ label.

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